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AutoXit is a child of the punch-type emergency exit concept that has a 12-year history aboard buses and coaches throughout the UK and the EU.


With car manufacturers' ever-increasing driver and passenger safety requirements, it's time AutoXit was included to provide you with the safety equipment you should have always had. Since last year (2019) new vehicles are becoming harder to escape from because of laminated glass replacing the historical toughened glass side windows. Auto manufacturers are favouring passenger containment in a high-velocity rollover incident while limiting the passengers' right to self-rescue by trapping them behind laminated glass. 

AutoXit only works on toughened glass, which most cars on the road still have as standard equipment.  Just check with your nearest car glass dealer who will be able to help you fit your AutoXits.


SafeTSystems Holdings Limited

La Croisette, Mauritius


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